The Best Indie Game Hidden Gems | Episode 31 | October 2021

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2021-10-13 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Top Best Indie Game Hidden Gems October 2021. With so many indie games out each month, it’s super hard to stay on top of the best of all of them, and on that, Get Indie Gaming is here to help. In this video, we look into some of the top best indie game hidden gems you might have missed when they first came out. What makes them so good? Why did we enjoy them so much and why do we think you should also go check them out? Well jump in and let’s find out! One quick disclaimer... some of these may not be an obscure indie game hidden gem to everyone, but the more people informed and get to see these games, the better..... right? #IndieGames #BestIndieGames #GetIndieGaming - SUPPORT AND FOLLOW US: - Subscribe for More: - Twitter: - Instagram: - Epic Store Partner Code: GetIndieGaming - New Access Point Podcast: - Indie Game Hidden Gems October 2021 00:00 - Introduction 00:20 - Webbed: 01:53 - A Juggler’s Tale: 03:14 - Jet Lancer: 04:13 - Far From Noise: 05:17 - A Winding Path: 06:13 - Milo and the Magpies: 07:00 - Unmetal:
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