Some Open World Games That Play Great on Steam Deck

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2022-06-02 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Because this genre is sort of magical on a handheld, here are some open world games that play great on Steam Deck. I wouldn't say every game runs FLAWLESSLY, but given how many games are being continually updated for the Deck it wouldn't surprise me if a few of these open world titles are verified in the coming months if not by the time this video goes live. And if you have any suggestions for titles you've experimented with let me know! 0:00 - Intro 0:58 - An Apocalyptic Precursor 2:46 - A Horrific Open World Sequel 4:38 - The Gold Standard for Open World Moseying 6:54 - 3 Generations of Open World Crime 7:46 - Open World Brutality 10:40 - A Couple of Honorable Mentions 11:30 - Outro If you like any of the Steam Deck accessories featured in this video you can grab them on Amazon below through my affiliate links if you'd like: Stand Base - Anker USB C Hub - Wireless RGB Mouse - Logitech K380 Keyboard - SanDisk Ultra 256GB Micro SD - Anker 737 Power Bank with 87W Delivery - ***AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER*** As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Other links may also be affiliate links for which I earn a small commission through purchases made. So all links should be treated as affiliate links which might result in my earning a commission. Thanks!
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