MEGA ARTICUNO and A FRESH START! Pokemon Daybreak Nuzlocke Let's Play Ep19

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2021-09-17 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Believe it or not we've got a new opportunity to continue Daybreak! A New Team, a fresh start, and some tough Team Squad Zero admins! Check out our new Team Shiny Shirts here: Pokemon Daybreak is a new fan made Pokemon game taking place in the Armira region! This game centralizes around storytelling and challenging gameplay! The game has beautiful aesthetics like meteor crash sites, cherry blossom forests and more! New Mega Evolutions, 10 Gyms, an Elite 4 and much more await us in the Armira region and our new journey! Pokemon Daybreak Playlist: Next Episode Previous Episode MEGA MOLTRES and the DAY OF DOOM...Pokemon Daybreak Nuzlocke Let's Play Ep18 #PokemonDaybreak #Pokemon #aDrive Subscribe Here!: My Channel: Instagram: Facebook: Daily Twitch Stream: Twitter: aDriveLIVE (LiveStream Channel): aDriveShorts (Shorts) Tiktok: TCG (Code aDrive for Discount): Be sure to check out Elgato Here: Be sure to LIKE and Subscribe! Learn more about Pokemon Daybreak here:
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