Returnal Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things You Should Know (PS5 Walkthrough Beginner Guide)

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2021-04-30 submitted by Daryl Wong
Returnal Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things You Should Know (PS5 Walkthrough Beginner Guide)In this Returnal Tips and Tricks: 10 Things All Players Should Know Guide I’ll be walking you through several things that can make your Returnal experience even better. Returnal is a fantastic rogue-like game, but you can save yourself a lot of time by understanding a couple of basic concepts, and by doing some very specific things. Article: Review: In Returnal players will make progress before dying and beginning again, often losing much of that progress, but maintaining a varying amount depending on how far they made it, and what was present in their game world on that attempt. Returnal is always shifting, and for that reason it is hard to make an exact walkthrough. However, there are things that hold true no matter what, and those are the things I’ll be focusing on in this guide. Timestamp 0:00 - 10 Tips to Win at Returnal 0:39 - 10. Weapon Proficiency 1:23 - 9. Weapons, Bonus, and Alt-Fire 2:15 - 8. Don’t Waste Ether 2:46 - 7. Head to Main Objective 3:26 - 6. Spend Obolite Wisely 3:55 - 5. Master Overload 4:25 - 4. Use Your Melee 4:57 - 3. Be Smart, But Don’t Be Scared 5:47 - 2. Breakable Walls and Data Cubes 6:25 - 1. Don’t Face Bosses Unless You Are Prepared These things will not always be possible, but you should always aim to do them when you can. There is no point in guaranteeing your death after all your hard work, so take some time and give yourself a sporting chance. I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and that they’ll make life a bit easier for you. If you have not already, make sure you check out our Review of Returnal to hear our thoughts on why you don’t want to miss out on this game if you have a PS5. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more! Follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Visit our wikis: Check out our blog: Visit our forums: #returnal #returnalguide #ps5 Returnal Weapon Proficiency,returnal weapon alt fire,returnal ether,how to get ether,best obolite uses,returnal obolite,returnal overload,how to overload returnal,how to melee returnal,returnal melee weapon,returnal tips,returnal tricks,returnal guide,returnal breakable walls,returnal secrets,returnal data cubes,returnal 10 tips,before you play returnal,returnal beginner guide,returnal ps5,returnal playstation 5,returnal things to know,returnal tips and tricks
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