Can ANY Boss Survive The Leyndell Army? - Elden Ring

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2022-10-14 submitted by
Daryl Wong
In this elden ring video I'm testing whether any of the main bosses in the game can actually survive an army made up of 14 crucible knights and their commander Godfrey, first elden lord. All of the crucible knights in the army (5 with tree spear and 9 with greatsword) have their respective unedited scaling of ordovis and siluria. According to the elden ring lore Godfrey, before known as Hoarah Loux, was the chosen consort and first husband of Queen Marika the Eternal, which made him first elden lord. Godfrey and Marika had three demigod children; Godwyn the Golden, and the twins, Morgott and Mohg. Godfrey led the war against the Giants, but after his last worthy opponent fell, Godfrey's warrior spirit sank and he lost the guidance of grace. His purpose now fulfilled, Marika exiled Godfrey and his warriors from the Lands Between, making him the very first Tarnished. Fights: 0:00 Intro 0:35 Godrick 1:06 Rennala 2:12 Rykard 3:26 Morgott 3:57 Fire Giant 4:57 Ancestor Spirit 5:28 Radahn 6:06 Astel 6:42 Placidusax 7:57 Gideon Ofnir 8:55 Hoarah Loux 9:41 Godskin Duo 10:51 Mogh 11:32 Malenia 12:51 Maliketh 13:29 Radagon/Elden Beast 14:55 Soldier of Godrick If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more battle royales and boss vs boss battles please subscribe and activate the notifications.
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