12 Advanced Tips You Didn't Know About PALWORLD

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2024-01-28 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Today I go over 12 Advanced Tips and Tricks in Palworld that you probably didn't know about! Interactive Map - https://mapgenie.io/palworld/maps/palpagos-islands Palpedia - https://www.palpedia.net/ ═════════ Timestamps ════════ 0:00 - Intro 0:39 - Black Market Dealer 1:30 - Base Boss Fights 2:53 - Build Secret Rooms 3:52 - Quick Stacking 5:06 - Pal SAN Levels 6:36 - Correct Feed Box Order 8:54 - Stun Baton 9:42 - Glide Super Fast 11:00 - Digtoise's Ability 12:18 - Trading Pals With Friends 13:05 - Amazing Palworld Websites 15:44 - Armor Stack Glitch 18:56 - Outro ══════════ Socials ══════════ ► | 📺 | Twitch | https://www.twitch.tv/swanyplaysgameslive ► | 🐦 | Twitter | https://twitter.com/SwanyPlaysGames ► | 📸 | Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/swanyplaysgames/ ► | ⏰ | TiKTok | https://www.tiktok.com/@swanyplaysgames ► | 👥 | Discord | https://discord.gg/AKGtrrd ══════════ Official Game Summary ═════════ Palworld is an action-adventure survival game developed by Pocket Pair, a Japanese game developer. The game is set in an open world filled with animal-like creatures called Pals. Players can battle and capture Pals to use them for base building, traversal, and combat1. The game was launched into Early Access on PC and Xbox and has sold millions, broke records, and dominated internet discourse for various reasons. The game has been described as “Pokémon with guns” by some due to the ability to capture Pokémon-like monsters called Pals in special balls and give them their own guns to use. The game has received a lot of attention since its reveal in 2021, and it finally entered Early Access on PC via Steam and on Xbox in January of 20242 ═════════ Video Tags ════════ palworld gameplay, palworld guide, palworld tips and tricks, palworld pokemon, palworld best tricks, palworld early game tips, palworld secrets, palworld dungeons, palworld mistakes, palworld best pals, palworld tools, palworld farming, palworld farming tips, palworld speed up eggs, palworld best settings, palworld world settings, palworld unlocks, palworld best secrets, palworld base guide, palworld, pal world, palworld news, palworld update, palworld patch ═════════ Hashtags ═════════ #Palworld #palworldgame #palworldgameplay
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