Is there a WRONG way to play Tears of the Kingdom?

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2023-06-18 submitted by
Daryl Wong
How the heck do you balance an open world sandbox that lets you do basically anything, with a heavily story driven, narrative focused experience? Well, evidently, Nintendo decided to leave it up to the player to figure that out, which is why it's surprisingly easy to miss out on some of this game's best content. This essay is more of a retrospective on the linearity of the Zelda series than it is a review of the games I mention, but I've barely scratched the surface on my thoughts about these games, so I will most likely be revisiting the topic in later videos. Oh, also, check out if you wanna see more of the builds people have come up with. It's one of my favorite subreddits to doom scroll through. Script, VO, gameplay, editing: Effects, animations, post processing: Music used (outside of the music from the respective games): Ocarina of Time main theme orchestrated: Kokiri Forest theme orchestrated: 00:00 - Spoiler warning, intro 00:38 - Ocarina of Time 01:24 - Thank you, emulators 02:11 - OoT is pretty scary, actually 02:26 - Hackerman 03:23 - Breath of The Wild 04:23 - Open World Fatigue 05:58 - (Finally) Tears of the Kingdom 06:54 - r/HyruleEngineering builds 07:20 - BoTW intro VS ToTK intro 10:00 - How did we get here? 11:44 - What did ToTK lose from BoTW? 13:47 - Okay, so how DO you play this game the wrong way? 14:52 - Final thoughts 15:19 - Outro
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