Dragon's Dogma 2 - Official Warfarer Vocation Gameplay Trailer

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2024-03-13 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Watch the new Dragon's Dogma 2 vocation trailer, which spotlights some Warfarer gameplay. The Dragon's Dogma 2 Warfarer is a new vocation exclusive to the Arisen. They can use every weapon, and learn skills from each vocation. However, the Warfarer has lower base stats, so they have to rely more heavily on situational strengths such as different weapon types to be on par with other vocations. Get a look at the Warfarer in action in this new Dragon's Dogma 2 gameplay trailer. The Dragon's Dogma 2 release date is March 22, 2024 on PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. #DragonsDogma #Gaming #IGN
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