Human Tesla Satanic Cult Worshipping!

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2021-09-25 submitted by
Lala Oddle
Hey fellow friends! Your boi Leoharp here bringing you #human THIS GAME WAS SO CLEAN AND AWESOME! Lemme know your thoughts on the story because I have no idea what was going on. I'll leave links and details to the game down below. Follow Like Subscribe and Share you scallops! Follow me over here for some more weird-tastic stuff ONLY if you want and able to, feel free to donate here to help this channel grow 🥰 Somewhere between sanity and madness lies a realm torn between the two. Illusions become reality, and reality becomes nothing more than a vision. HUMAN is a short psychological horror game which examines inherent, earthly, and otherworldly evils, and the forces which drive them. As you make your way through an Alaskan auroral research facility in search of employees it quickly becomes very clear that something has become alerted to your presence. Suspiciously, once it knows you're there, you're more than welcome to be there. Drawing you in, you soon begin to question all you see and hear. HUMAN is highly metaphorical, yet accessible. All is explained in its simplest essence, but for those willing to look beyond the surface, there lies layer upon layer of symbolism, and clues regarding the nature of reality, which add depth to the meaning behind HUMAN. HUMAN is primarily story and experience driven, however environmental puzzles and problem solving are interlaced within. Horror, Mystery, psychological
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