Minecraft spruce wooden modern house tutorial

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2022-04-21 submitted by
Daryl Wong
An 8-minute video that teaches you how to build this stylish wooden modern house. You can put the lanterns on the roof of the house to prevent mob spawning. You may put more to melt the snow, if the house is located in a snowy biome. Materials for the interior: (For reference) 8 chest 12 brown carpet 6 light gray carpet 2 smoker 1 iron block 1 dispenser 1 iron door 1 button 1 barrel 12 oak stairs 2 oak slab 2 oak fences 1 glowstone 1 painting 3 item frame 2 note block 7 smooth quartz stairs 1 cauldron (filled 1/3 water) 2 tripwire hook 1 iron trapdoor 1 flower pot 1 any flower 1 banner (with different dyes for mirror, you can search "minecraft banner mirror" for a banner tutorial; the "you look fine" is a joke) 2 armor stand 1 spruce trapdoor 1 book and quill 1 bed 2 white stained glass pane (optional) Mods used: Replaymod - https://replaymod.com (used in the intro and outro because i forgot to record the building progress) Sodium, Iris, Continuity, FabricSkyboxes, Indium Shaders: Sildurs Enhanced Default v1.131 Fancy for both thumbnail and video Music used: (music name - author) Sunset n Beachz - Ofshane TrueArtRealAffectionPart4 - Noir Et Blanc Vie Easy Saturday - Bad Snacks QuangerineCream - Noir Et Blanc Vie The music in this video are found in YouTube Music Library. @Ray Mak hi Twitter: https://twitter.com/cathay3520 © Cathay3520
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wooden modern house
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spruce modern house
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