Living inside the Minecraft Trailer - Bare Bones (1)

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2022-03-19 submitted by
Daryl Wong
We're starting a brand-new Minecraft 1.18 Survival let's play but using the Minecraft Trailer Recreation mod pack I showcased a little while ago! You all asked for it so here it is. I cannot express how grateful I am for all the support on that video so I'm keeping it going with this mini-series. The plan is to go back to basics and try to capture the essence of what Minecraft is all about and especially how it's portrayed in the trailers. I will try to explore every single avenue of the game from adventuring, to Redstone farms, to epic mega bases! Join me for this epic new journey! Bare Bones: ABBPBR: Optifine: BSL Shaders: Fresh Animations: Bare Bones X Fresh Animations: Effective: Visuality: Eating Animations: Camera Overhaul: Better Third Person: Amplified Nether: Seed: -5925207748535276048 All music by me. Links: Patreon: Instagram: Discord: #minecraft #survival #letsplay
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