SANTA CLAUS IS CLAPPING TO TOWN! | Chimney Prowler (Completed)

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2020-12-16 submitted by
Flamez Plays
A Christmas horror game by the maker of Dia, Timore, and Arcadletra, Chimney Prowler is everything you could want in a seasonal horror game. Milk, Cookies, Thiccness, and Car Driving Physics! ► Support the Channel via Patreon: ► Become a Channel Member at ► Buy a Flamez Plays Mug or Shirt: ► Join the Flamez Plays Discord: ► Follow me on Twitter: ► Follow me on Instagram: ► Check Out The Playlist: Download Chimney Prowler at #letsplay #gaming #horrorgames #scary #games About Chimney Prowler ==================== Christmas horror game with a twist! ...please don't let your kids play this, seriously... Created for Scream FM gamejam.
Flamez Plays
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