13 Things You Didn't Know Were Possible In DRAGON’S DOGMA 2

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2024-03-23 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay guide, with advanced combat tips and hidden mechanics. Make NPCs fight on your side, navigate to unusual places, use powerful attacks, and more! DIRECT QUESTIONS? HIT ME UP RIGHT HERE https://twitter.com/BoomstickAlex Game provided for free from Capcom. PC gameplay. 00:00 Recruit Extra Pawns & NPCs 00:36 Tipping Monsters Over 00:56 Mage’s Ice Spell Bonus 01:17 Thief’s Smoke Bonus 01:39 Archer’s Deathly Arrow Bonus 02:05 Fighter’s Tusk Toss Bonus 02:32 “Tame” A Griffin 02:49 Counter Fall Damage 03:07 Snipe Bridges 03:22 Cyclops Bridge 03:35 Special Upgrade Vendor 04:14 Using The Unmaking Arrow 04:43 Commanding Pawns 04:53 Control A Harpy 05:06 Thief’s Extra Jumps #DragonsDogma #DragonsDogma2 #DD2
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