Palworld The BEST POSSIBLE START for New Players, Best Pals To Use, Fastest Way To Level Up, OP Gear

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2024-02-26 submitted by
Daryl Wong
If you're looking to get overpowered as soon as you can in Palworld, this in depth guide will teach you where to get all the best Pals, the best base locations, and how to get tons of easy to acquire gold at the VERY start of the game allowing you to have an easy playthrough which lets you BUY end game Pals and high level weapons. This guide will teach you all the best routes for progression, how to get the end game pals as early as level 4, and be incredibly rich all before the game even begins! You'll be able to start the game with insanely overpowered pals and have tons of carry weight to scoop up loot to snowball your progression. 0:00 - Intro 0:49 - Fast Travel Points To Get Early 2:29 - How to get end game pals and weapons at level 4 29:29 - What to do at the start 32:45 - Great early base location 34:45 - Early base upgrades 42:00 - Best food to feed base pals 42:46 - How to place a bed easier 43:59 - Continue to upgrade your base 45:20 - How to early game power level 48:57 - Powerful early game pal to focus on 50:00 - More base upgrades and crafting 59:28 - Pals you should be using in your party 1:01:17 - How to farm lifmunk effigies easier 1:03:33 - How to farm alpha pals 1:05:10 - Recommended Stat Allocation 1:05:30 - Alpha pal farming mechanics 1:05:46 - Lifmunk Ability Explained 1:06:25 - Tip to get more ingots early 1:07:03 - Tips for dealing with invasions and raids 1:08:52 - Base pal maintenance tips 1:10:01 - Dungeon alpha pals respawn and shiny Pals 1:10:51 - Base Upgrades after farming alpha pals 1:11:30 - Alpha Pals to Farm and speed progression tips 1:16:40 - Egg Incubator and Pal Condenser Tips 1:19:41 - Getting additional defense 1:21:33 - How to get a Digtoise for speed mining 1:29:08 - How to instantly refill Pal Specials 1:30:01 - Party upgrades and replacements 1:44:02 - Base pal upgrades and replacements 1:45:53 - 3rd Flying Mount Replacement 1:48:05 - Stamina Trick With Glider and Mount 1:49:31 - Best single target DPS 1:50:38 - What to research and what to skip 1:57:42 - Overview of what you learned 1:58:43 - Outtro If you want to play Palworld, visit: 💸Donate here: (Text to speech for $1 or more.) 💬 Discord: Support me by becoming a CHANNEL MEMBER!: Guides: Best Possible Start: If you want the best possible new game start, this is how to do it. You'll have infinite and fast gold allowing you to buy the best pals and equipment at the very start of the game, an endless supply of gold, a powerful pal party as well as level 3 pals at your base, and the highest DPS pals and the fastest route to level up and progress quickly. This guide makes you as rich and as strong as possible before the game even truly begins. #Palworld #Pocketpair #palworldgame
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