Manor Lords: Building A Farmer's Paradise!

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2024-05-17 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Today, we're continuing a multi-video journey on which we will be building historically accurate and authentic city designs in Manor lords, a highly anticipated city-building game! I will explain how the game works as I play and explain some historical details as we go! Get the Gothic Hero into your game: Manor Lords on Steam: Manor Lords is a strategy game that allows you to experience the life of a medieval lord. Grow your starting village into a bustling city, manage resources and production chains, and expand your lands through conquest. Inspired by the art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia, Manor Lords prioritizes historical accuracy wherever possible, using it to inform gameplay mechanics and visuals alike. Common medieval tropes are avoided in favor of historical accuracy, in order to make the world feel more authentic, colorful, and believable. #manorlords
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