The PROBLEM OF "Nintendo Switch Pro"

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2020-08-27 submitted by
Daryl Wong
As rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro or New Nintendo Switch continue resurfacing, there are problems that Nintendo will need to overcome to make this console the success they would want it to be. How much stronger will the Nintendo Switch Pro be? Will it have exclusive games? What new features or fixes could we see on the New Nintendo Switch? These are the kinds of questions Nintendo has to overcome when expanding the Nintendo Switch family of systems, and Parker talks about these issues and more in today's video! Like the video? Subscribe! 📮 Join our Discord server here ➡️ ------------------------------------------------------------ WANT MORE VIDEOS?? ------------------------------------------------------------ AJ's last video: Parker's last video: Watch an Action Point ► ------------------------------------------------------------ Want to be a part of our Community? ------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe to the new home for our Nintendo gaming podcast Directly to You on YouTube! ➡️ ------------------------------­------------------------------ Support the Channel! ------------------------------------------------------------ AMAZON SHOP - Buy what you normally would AND support F4! ↘️ ------------------------------------------------------------ Like Audio Podcasts? ------------------------------------------------------------ LISTEN ON ANCHOR! ➡️ ------------------------------­------------------------------ Join The Discussion On Social Media ------------------------------------------------------------ ► Twitter - ► Aj's Twitter - ► Parker's Twitter - ► Facebook - ► Instagram - nintendo switch news, nintendo switch 4k, nintendo switch pro 2020, #fanatixfour #nintendoswitch
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