How DOUBLING the Size of the City Stabilized its Budget! | MC Ep. 3

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Daryl Wong
Hello and welcome to Magnolia County, Superior! Rapid residential growth has come to the area to house all of the people moving to the area for all of the job openings at the new industrial park. This brings opportunity for both city and its residents. For the city, it means that the budget might finally be brought into check. For residents, it means good jobs are plentiful and easy to get! James Jones is one of those residents that is set to benefit from this building boom. He has been in a funk since he and his wife moving to Bend earlier in the month, but seems ready to shake himself out of it. He sees an ad from a local homebuilder and seems ready to give the job a shot. In this episode, we'll build the neighborhoods that James is helping to build. We'll plat everything out, then fill it in in a logical way. We'll also redevelop portions of our original industrial park, and rezone downtown Bend while increasing density. We'll also discuss what a plat is and why they are important. By the end, the city will be twice the size and our budget will be looking much better then it was at the start of the episode... well, until we commit to more infrastructure projects anyway. Enjoy! This series has been built on a completely custom map - one of the first available for Cities Skylines 2. If you'd like to download the map to play on yourself, you can find it here - ------------------------------------------------------------ FIND ME HERE ► Website: ► Discord: ► Twitter: ► Use Master Planned Music in YOUR videos and streams: ------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL, GET COOL PERKS! ► Merch Store: ► Patreon: ► YT Membership: ------------------------------------------------------------ MUSIC FROM THE VIDEOS ► Master Planned Music: ► Approaching Nirvana: ► Epidemic Sound: ------------------------------------------------------------ MY GEAR ► Link ------------------------------------------------------------ EDITORS ► Lead Editor: @1C2yt ► Assistant Editor: @CityPlannerPlays ------------------------------------------------------------ PLAYLISTS ► Ultimate Beginners Guide to CS2: ► Ultimate Beginners Guide: ► Cities Skylines II: ► Tutorials: ► Nicolet Bay: ► Verde Beach: ► Clearwater County: ► Abandoned City Fix: ►Abandoned City – Bluffside Crossing: ► Sustainable City: ► Bluffside Crossing: ► City Tips: ► Previous Live Streams: ► Timberborn: ► Other Games: ------------------------------------------------------------ HASHTAGS #CitiesSkylines2 #cityplannerplays ------------------------------------------------------------ CHAPTERS 0:00 - Funky James 1:49 - But really, what is a plat? 3:17 - Platting out the Entire Neighborhood 15:18 - How Dare you, Phil?! A mod was added to the Build!? 17:08 - They see my Zoning, they hatin' 31:30 - Installing the Internet so the residents can watch CPP 34:50 - Redevelop, Hierarchy, and other Mulligans and Shenanigans 49:00 - A man plays with virtual Trees for 3:15 seconds in your time, and 34 minutes in my time. Much fun - very recommend. 52:32 - A Brief, City Tour! 53:34 - YOUR suggestions make this build. You're the real MVPs!
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