15 Games you NEED to Play if You Love Elden Ring

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2024-03-03 submitted by
Daryl Wong
15 amazing games that are sure to be even more amazing for fans of Elden Ring! (please note that some games listed are exclusive to specific platforms) Sign up for Game Pass : https://bit.ly/3HHbcg2 (affiliate link, please note we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! This is not a sponsorship!) Check out our Xbox Game Pass Review: https://thedzshgroup.com/is-xbox-game-pass-worth-it-in-2023/ Check out our Soulslike analysis video: https://youtu.be/gSFubbZE3Fw?si=GKy-8Bu7DLbrzKAW Check out our website for more lifestyle content: https://www.thedzshgroup.com - Souls games are some of the most beloved and popular games ever made. From Demon's Souls to Dark Souls and more, FromSoftware did an amazing job curating an excellent repertoire of games that so many studios and developers have worked to recreate over the years. This has led to the term "soulslike" to be used to describe games that replicate or utilize similar gameplay styles and principles. Elden Ring changed the game back in 2022, putting FromSoftware on the radar of even more gamers and non-souls fans and has definitely made many wonder: What's next? What other games should I play? Well, if you enjoyed Elden Ring as much as I did, these 15 games on today's list are sure to be just as exciting and as fun as Elden Ring was for you. - The DZSH Group is an up-and-coming online lifestyle newspaper/magazine dedicated to bringing you some of the best in gaming, entertainment, and more. We want to bring you the most important stories in all your favorite realms right to your phone, PC, tablet, or even fridge if you're feeling adventurous. DZSH Gaming is a subsidiary of The DZSH Group - Music credits: @WhiteBatAudio
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