These Mods Make Minecraft Look Ultra Realistic

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2022-11-04 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Do you want your Minecraft to look ultra realistic? Well, using these shaders with my custom settings will get you pretty close! I always get comments asking for my shaders and settings and I'm finally showing you exactly how to set them up in this video. LINKS (NEEDED): FABRIC: FABRIC API: SODIUM: INDIUM: IRIS SHADERS: COMPLEMENTARY SHADERS: LINKS (OPTIONAL): CONTINUITY: BETTER LEAVES: NOT GETTING GREAT FPS? - Try turning off Integrated PBR (reflections). This is a pretty big hit to performance. Also play around with additional settings that state they affect performance. These settings run smoothly on my system (i9-9900k, 2080ti) but your mileage may vary. --- s o c i a l s --- ❤️Patreon: 📸Instagram: 🔷Discord: 🐔Twitter: 🔴Second Channel: 🌲Texturepack: Better Leaves Addon 🌞Shaders: Complementary --- m u s i c --- All music is from Old School Runescape --- t i m e s t a m p s -- Intro: 0:00​ Installing the Shaders: 0:26 Default Settings: 2:05 My Settings: 2:44 Sky: 3:17 Lighting: 4:10 World: 4:30 Post Processing: 5:08 Water: 6:24 Extra Settings: 7:35 #Minecraft​ #MinecraftTutorial​ #Shaders
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