How to play MW2 in 2022! (IW4X Tutorial)

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2022-07-09 submitted by
Daryl Wong
DROP A LIKE ON THE VIDEO ITS FREE! MY OFFICIAL SCUF CONTROLLER! Click on the Bell! Turn on my notifications = ) The website to download everything (other than MW2 which you get on Steam) IW4X Commands to improve your Experience: /safeArea_adjusted_horizontal 0.85 /safeArea_adjusted_vertical 0.85 /rate 50000 /packetdup 5 /gpad_stick_deadzone_min 0.01 /intro 0 Livestream! Follow it! My Instagram! ツ Follow me on Twitter! ツ My TikTok! ツ Second channel SUBSCRIBE! ツ My Facebook Page! ツ 🎬 Edited by: 🎨 Thumbnail by: Background Music Creator of my logo ツ #CallofDuty #MW2 #Tutorial
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