GregTech: New Horizons - S2 Ep18 - Mob Farm and Kanthal Coils

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2022-10-24 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Person D: Lash! You are playing GTNH, you must really love GregTech! Lash: Yes I have always loved spending hours to make a machine and then spend another few hours to upgrade it to a slightly different color with 0.0002% extra speed. Person D: Is that sarcasm? Lash: No, that was just stating the facts :) Person D: Then why are you playing GTNH again? Lash: Ah I am here for Thau..., I mean purple Purplic Nordic Sauna. Person D: What is that? Lash: Just go through that door, and rest in the purple water... its very relaxing. You are not a vegeterian right? I dont need Herba much. Person D: You sound suspicious! Lash: Nah, would i lie to you :)
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