KILO 141 TACTICAL NUKE! - Modern Warfare 99-4 Shoot House (Kilo 141 Best Class Rushing Gameplay)

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2020-01-23 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Modern Warfare Kilo 141 TACTICAL NUKE 99 Kills on Shoot House with the best Assault Rifle Rushing Class in MW 1080p 60FPS PC Nuke Gameplay Kilo 141 Blue Tracers Subscribe: Discord: Twitter: In this video I will be showing you a Tactical Nuke with the Kilo 141 Blue Tracers on Shoot House 99-4 & 91-3 rushing gameplays - Enjoy! This video will show you: Modern Warfare Tactical Nuke Modern Warfare Kilo 141 Best Class Modern Warfare Kilo 141 Nuke Modern Warfare Kilo 141 Blue Tracers Modern Warfare Rushing Class
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