Winning With EVERY Valorant Agent

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2022-12-19 submitted by
Daryl Wong
I've played Valorant in so many different ways, but today, I attempted a challenge no mortal had DREAMED of attempting before. Can I win a match with every Valorant agent in a single day? Let's find out together! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my best-ever video: "Winning With Every Valorant Agent." ====================================== Discord: Twitch: Twitter: TikTok: Patreon: ====================================== CROSSHAIR IS IN MY DISCORD SERVER Thanks for watching, and have a great day! #valorant #valorantmoments 0:00 - The Challenge is Born 0:30 - Part 1 - Laughing at Teammates 9:41 - Part 2 - The Winstreak Era 17:10 - THE CYPHER SAGA 24:31 - Part 4 - Casual Stomper 33:06 - Part 5 - Harbor is Trash 38:52 - Part 6 - Final Four 48:22 - Epilogue Music: I have compiled my most-used tracks into this google drive folder: Note: it does not include ALL of the tracks I use. The tracks in the "Uppbeat" folder require a subscription to Uppbeat to be used.
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winning with every Valorant agent
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