Sunbreak Vs Iceborne (Rise Vs World)

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2022-08-22 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Twitter: for video updates Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak vs Monster Hunter World: Iceborne or maybe you prefer World vs Rise, or Iceborne vs Sunbreak, regardless they all mean the same thing. I aim to answer the question of which game is better. You can buy both games here on my nexus store, and even get a free month of nitro if you do so in august. You can play both of these games on steam deck too! Afflicted Monsters otherwise known as anomaly monsters are a huge part of sunbreak, but how do they stack up to the end game of iceborne? Furthermore you've got curious crafting I'm curious as to how that'll stack up as well! (I'm so sorry) #monsterhunterrisesunbreak #iceborne #monsterhunter
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