REACTING to "The Greatest Sniper Clips Ever Hit on Call of Duty"

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2021-04-16 submitted by
Daryl Wong
Drop a LIKE if you enjoyed!! Original video : Apologies for the lack of uploads this past week! I’ve been visiting friends 1 last time before they all graduate college. I found this video and had to make a reaction video to it. These are some of the best call of duty clips of all time. As always, enjoy! :D FOLLOW MY TWITCH: Follow my Twitter!! Follow my IG: Follow my TikTok! Intro song: 50 feet - Mateo Sun Outro song: Sodium - Bones *About FaZe Scope* YO my name is Luke / Scope and ive been creating content online since 2009. I love making videos on a whole bunch of video games, but i mainly upload Call of Duty. I've been playing Call of Duty since 2007 on COD4, and im passionate about using a sniper rifle very aggressively. I livestream every day on Twitch and love interacting with my chat. I joined FaZe Clan on 12/31/20 which was the best day of my life. There is nothing i love more than creating content on all social medias, and I appreciate anyone who checks that content out!
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