Upcoming 10 Open World Survival Games in 2024

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2024-04-21 submitted by
Daryl Wong
This is the new upcoming open world survival games releasing in 2024 2025 and beyond including some massive AAA open world games like Once Human which is my person favorite and the most anticipated game after The Day Before and even the most requested Days Gone 2 which stands as its comparison, We also have titles like ARK 2, Rooted, Nightingale, Enshrouded, Dragons Dogma 2, Palworld, Light No Fire, Blight Survival, Stalker 2 and many more new post-apocalyptic sci-fi games, FPS & so much more! Wishlist The Most Anticipated Game Once Human on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2139460?utm_source=blakwoodz Register for Once Human Beta Test: https://oncehuman.onelink.me/0Y6K/blakwoodz 00:00 Intro 00:17 Once Human 02:41 ARK 2 03:41 Rooted 04:30 Nightingale 05:58 Enshrouded 07:12 Dragons Dogma 2 08:14 Palworld 09:08 Light No Fire 10:21 Blight Survival 11:45 Stalker 2 13:00 Most Anticipated Game of 2024 Follow me on: ▶ https://twitter.com/Blakwoodzhttps://Facebook.com/Blakwoodzhttps://www.instagram.com/blakwoodz_therealone/https://Twitch.tv/Blakwoodz Business contact: blakwoodzbusiness@gmail.com
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