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Do You Know The Way?

do you know the way? the ugandan knuckles meme

Checking Out The Big Content Update In Karnage Chronicles (Oculus Rift + Touch Gameplay)

So I recently got a Tweet from Daniel at Nordic Trolls telling me about a big content update to Karnage Chronicles and asking me to check it out again. I can say that I am really glad that I did! Nordic Trolls have really stepped up their game with this update adding story elements and […]

From Other Suns VR Multiplayer Preview With VRGaming Evolved and UKRifter (Oculus Rift + Touch)

I had a great time checking out From Other Suns with my good friends and fellow VRSpies members VRGaming Evolved and UKRifter. Gunfire Games has done it again with yet another great VR title! The multiplayer gameplay was great and I can’t wait to see those servers filling up after the official release. We did […]

Tracked Objects In VR Are A Game Changer – Playing Adventure Golf VR With A Real Putter Is Amazing!

Having real world objects that are tracked in VR is truly a game changer! I never thought I could achieve presence in a mini golf game but low and behold just the simple act of strapping one of my Touch controllers to an old putter was enough to do it. I had played Adventure Golf […]