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SUNSONNY S-T80 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse (Unboxing & First Impressions) | iEddy Gaming

THIS is the most affordable yet durable gaming keyboard I have ever seen. Check out my unboxing and first impressions of Sunsonny’s S-T80 Gaming Keyboard (K10) and Mouse (T80) combo. You can buy it here from Malaysia: For rest of the world: You will have to wait for a bit before it is globally […]

The Switch’s biggest PROBLEM in 2018

The Nintendo switch in 2018 will have to prove itself because of the various fears that is showing around the console itself. So I wanna go in depth and talk about it *Join the Discord 😀 *FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH! * *FOLLOW ON TWITTER! AVATAR’S MADE BY: & Don’t forget to […]

Razer Raiju Unboxing

We got our hands on the Razer Raiju controller, so what better way to show it…than with an unboxing Hit the like button for more content like this, and subscribe to help us grow. Twitter: Facebook: Website:

Hyper Universe: First Impressions

I’m not sure this game will be solid. Think LoL meats a side-scroller along the lines of Maple Story. —————————————————————————————– Subscribe to my channel= Follow me on Twitch= Follow me on Twitter= —————————————————————————————— Music Providers On This Channel Below Please Subscribe and Support them Killerspree= BBhillbeats= Aataze= NCIS= […]

Agony Kickstarter Demo Gameplay Review

Ben takes us on a grotesque trip into Agony, check out the gameplay and find out what he thinks Hit the like button for more content like this, and subscribe to help us grow. Twitter: Facebook: Website:

Lightseekers Mari Starter Pack Unboxing

Last year Stuart got to grips with Lightseekers, come and check out his unboxing of the Mari Starter Kit Hit the like button for more content like this, and subscribe to help us grow. Twitter: Facebook: Website:

SNES mystery box at Walmart!

Unboxing video of SNES Mystery Box

Unboxing Loot Crates After Update in Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II / Opening Loot Crates after update! New characters Captain Phasma and FInn Follow me on Twitch – Youtube – Instagram – Twitter – Linkedin –

Monster Hunter World Beta – Lets Play

(Skip to 4:10 for immediate action!) The long awaited return! I apologize for the wait everyone. Lets take on the Beta of Monster Hunter World!

Fluidity Review: Farewell Wii Shop Part 2

Fluidity is a physics based puzzle platforming game for the Wii Shop. But wait…the Wii Shop is closing!! So I’ve made it my duty to alert people of some of the best exclusive games for WiiWare that will be unavailable forever after the closure. Fluidity is one of those awesome games! It’s also known as […]

‘n Verlore Verstand Demo Walkthrough Part 1

This is part 1 of my walkthrough for the ‘n Verlore Versatnd Demo on the Xbox One. This game is like a first person puzzle game. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did then like the video already, I like to see likes on my videos, also Subscribe if you’re new to my […]

Monster Hunter: World Beta – GREAT DEVOURER, GREAT JAGRAS


? HUNTING DOWN PMCs WOODS/FACTORY ?Escape From Tarkov Beta Gameplay

What’s up everyone! Thanks for checking out my channel and sorry again for the lack of content lately. I have been real busy with work and many other things. Make sure to check out my Twitch link below if you would like to see me in action and as always I hope you enjoy this […]