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Let’s Play Series! | Uncharted 4 #5 | Always bring your winch!

Episode 5 of the Uncharted 4 let’s play series. In this episode as the title says always bring your winch! Without it this episode would have last a mere 2 minutes. Plus there is some amazing physics with the winch

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – Stream 3 | Redshirts

Let’s find all the tokens! Oh, and continue the story ofcourse. But is Halebidu the city they need to find? Let’s find out together! — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/redshirtsgaming

Let’s Play Series! | Uncharted 4 #2 | Nathan Drake is a Parkour King!

Secon episode of our let’s play series of Uncharted 4. Nathan Drake’s parkour is mad. He is definitely the Parkour King!

Uncharted: Lost Legacy – Stream 1 | Redshirts

Let’s go on adventure with these two badass women! slight problem in the stream after about an hour, continued later!

New Let’sPlay Series! Uncharted 4 #1 Let’s Get Started!

So I decided to do a lets play series on the chnel whilst I’m on late shift an I cant stream. Hope you enjoy Unchrted 4. So lets get started!

Uncharted 4: Secret Technique To Beat Stage 9 Survival Mode!

Hey all! It’s me Leoharp! Just wanted to bring you a little something that I discovered and I hope it will help you too ?

Uncharted 4 Team Deathmatch #1: On the Top Again

Hey all! It’s me Leoharp! Bringing you back Uncharted 4 finally! Kicking it off with some team deathmatch! Stay tuned because I’ll be uploading another episode of Eyes the Horror Game for you guys later tonight so be sure to check that out too! Until next time ?