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FIRST KILL EVER!! || Fortnite F-CUBED (Funny Fails Friday)

What is going on everybody?! It’s Manarkey here, and welcome to the very first episode of my F-CUBED series (A.K.A. Funny Fails Friday)! For the first episode, we’re playing Fortnite! In this video, I’ll be showing you some funny Fortnite fails as I get my first kill ever in Fortnite! This video will also show […]

Just Another Solo Victory Royale Win! Fortnite Battle Royale

Hey everyone! I have been playing a ton of solo matches. I never really play solo. Mostly duo’s or squads mode. So when I get a solo victory royale it’s tons of fun as it doesn’t happen that often for me. It also gives me a lot of practice and makes me a bit better […]

Fortnite Funny Moments #1 – I’m a noob

Well I decided to try Fortnite and well it didn’t go so well. My sister tried teaching me how cause she has been on it more then I have. As you can tell we had some fun and some funny moments. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the video and if you did make sure to leave a […]

I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! | Fortnite Battle Royale (#02)

I had to take a break from Life Is Strange. This was probably the wrong game to play to relieve stress. Hope you all enjoy it. ======================================================== Check out this video!!: ======================================================== Song(s) Used In The Video: Andreas Jamsheree – Trapped In 8Bit ======================================================== Hope you all enjoyed today’s video. If you did, don’t forget […]

Finally Got Another Solo Win! (FortNite Battle Royale)

Its taken ages!! The new update came, the map changed and i was out here choking with 2nd places over and over again!! Until now… Enjoy the highlights!! Twitter: TubeBuddy: A Great Tool For Growing Your Channel and Guarenteeing Views Galoor. Available in both Free and Paid services. Definitely check this tool out and […]

First Time Playing… (Fortnite: Battle Royale – Part 1) – [Night Mode Gaming #4]

It’s been a long week, let’s kick back and relax with some Night Mode Gaming! For the first time, I’ll be turning on Fortnite. Watch my struggle as I take my amazing shooter skills into this game and… Well, you’ll have to see what happens… Join me every Friday night for more Night Mode Gaming! […]

Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Run|100 Subs Grind|Song Request is on |#SmallerYoutuber

It’s your boy DaveyLit and welcome to the littest channel on Youtube I stream every weekend and sometimes on the weekdays. If I have time, i’ll upload walkthroughs. Join my ps4 Community (DaveyLit98 Subscriber Club)Subscribers gets to play with me live whenever it’s subscribers night and the also get news/updates first. Road to 100 Subs […]

Fortnite Battle Royale – I’m Such A Noob

In this video, I play Fortnite Battle Royale. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t played this game much and I am really bad at it. I am going to keep playing so I will hopefully get better. Let me know if you like Battle Royale gameplay videos and I will keep making them. Do you […]

Fortnite with the iAM clan

Playing wit my friends in iAM. In this video we had about 3 teams rush us on the mountain in the middle of the circle and still made it out alive i also was playing this during my live steam on twitch. Plz leave a like, share, and subscribe if you havent. Thanks. — Watch […]

Mrs-ExclusiveJaz’s Live PS4 Broadcast

Join me for laughs, rages, and various gameplay. Twitch: ‪‬

Fortnite – Save The World (Heroes Explained)

In this video i go over the heroes tab and explain it the best i can. As much as i have learned i am still learning. Explore the world. Rescue survivors. Make hundreds of guns, swords, and things that go boom. Make impregnable forts. Tastefully decorate with sniper perches, poison gas traps, and jump pads. […]


FORTNITE best kills of the week #5 FORTNITE NEW CITY UPDATE NOW + Solo wins + giveaway Dont forget to check these guys out ! Welcome to 2 Daddy Gaming. You’ve done the hard part by finding us, now do the best bit by hitting that subscribe button! Don’t be shy and pop by! […]

REMAINING TOP 5 | Fortnite | Free Healing

I get back into Fortnite Battle Royal and manage to end up being one of the top 5 guys remaining. Did I manage to win the game? Only one way to find out! Get the game here: Fortnite Battle Royal puts you in a map with 99 other players all fighting to be the […]

Fortnite PC First Victory!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for watching don’t forget to like the video for support and subscribe for more Fortnite Battle Royale content just like this. Thank you! ——————————————————– Fortnite Solo EP. 1 Greasy Grove (Fortnite Battle Royale): Rocket Riding With A Random on Fortnite Battle Royale: ——————————————————– Discord: Subscribe!: Livestream: Facebook: […]

Fortnite Battle Royale #3 – Spolsions!!! (High Explosion Event)

Do you like explosions? Well then you came to the right place. Here are some Fornite Battle Royale: ?High Explosion Event? Gameplay. Enjoy ?? ———————————————————– Comment – Like – Subscribe – Share – Follow ? Help Me Grow This Channel!!!! Make Your Day A Little More Amazing!!!!! ———————————————————— Follow Me On Social Media!!!!! Youtube : […]

Fortnite Live !!!Road to!!! [220 abos]

Was geht willkommen auf meinem Kanal HIER ERWARTEN EUCH ?GAMING ?REALLIFE ?STREAM ICH WERDE OFT STREAMEN ? LASST EIN LIKE UND EIN ABO DA (@FaZeBernhard) an: Mein Twitter:

PISTOL ONLY CHALLENGE | Fortnite Battle Royale | To Win or not to Win

Hey guys! Hope you all enjoy this video. This is my first ever attempt at the fortnite pistol only challenge and well.. see for yourself. Make sure to click that like button and subscribe! ———————————————————————————— PSN: A3KingGamer XBOX: DenchSkittle IV STEAM: A3KingGamer ————————————————————————————- Twitter: A3KingGamer instagram: A3KingGamer


So, not the best start to Fortnite but I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at this game… 30 minutes later….. Nevermind ======================================================== Song at the end: Niklas Gustavsson – Furious 2 ======================================================== Subscribe if you’re new. Share with your friends. Also leave a like. It really helps. Twitter: ItsDJ13 Snapchat: djwil2013 Instagram: ItsDJ_313 Tumblr: ItsDJ13

Giveaway + Fortnite battle royale Best kills 2018

Fortnite battle royale Best kills 2018! To enter the giveaway just subscribe, like and comment what game and platform by January 20th