This is a social network site for gamers and it is meant to let us share and promote our gameplays that we have posted to Youtube. I am a big fan of COD and I play under the moniker ihavocdotcom using PS4.

I play only the Multiplayer mode and most of the COD gameplays here are some of the best that I have seen.  You will be able to learn a thing or two from those gameplays.

Posting your gameplays here will allow you to showcase your gameplays to my Twitter and Facebook followers as they will be pushed to my timeline immediately. I have about 42k followers on Twitter.  This helps you to get more subscribers and promote your Youtube gameplays to the many gamers on Twitter.

Do you have any good game plays that you have uploaded to Youtube?  Share them with us in the Post Gameplay submission form.

Remember that we are late to the game and we need to get the exposure that we need.  Gamers unite, subscribe to all gamers that have posted here in Youtube and follow @xGamecrawlx

If you ask why is this website called gamecrawl, it is actually a play on the US gaming retailer Gamestop…:)

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