For The Love Of Gaming

Gamecrawl was started in the year 2017. It all started because of our love for playing Call Of Duty. I can still remember the first map that I played and where I was spawned.

It was the Favela Map and till now, it is still one of the best maps in the whole franchise.

That was in the year 2010 and we were using PS3. This is now 2020 and we are in the mist of getting our hands on the white and shinny PS5. I believe we all can't wait to get hold of the new PS5 that is going to be released in November 12th.

2018 wasn't a good year as the server was overwhelmed by many enthusiastic gamers. As you can see, the site now looks crappy as it has been rebuilt from the ground up with the code written line by line since early this year.

Let's not forget that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is going to be released next year too. So let us all help to make Gamecrawl the quintessential social network for gamers again.