This is a DEAD game… | No Players Online (Completed)

Online games require that players be engaged to keep them alive, but this game seems to be keeping something else alive…

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About No Players Online
You find a dusty VHS tape, on the side is written: “Capture the flag project, Footage 03/20/86.

You decide to put it into the player.

A short horror flick by Adam Pype as Dev and Viktor Kraus as sound.

“No Players Online sees me, booting up old games, looking for that sweet nostalgia kick, and suggests that maybe I let dead things stay buried.”
– Rock Paper Shotgun
“It’s in a sense a playable essay about the feelings that abandoned game servers and projects can still prompt in us.”
– Game Jam Curator
“There’s something inherently spooky about wandering about alone in a long forgotten virtual game world.”
– Alpha Beta Gamer
more games at @adampi
more sounds at @ViktorKraus2

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