I KNEW HE WAS EVIL! – Let’s Play Last Rose Part 7

Hey! Welcomed to last rose! a weird rpg i was sent, but it’s actually quite a bit of fun and relatively short! The creator said it can be beaten in about 4-5 hours so if you guys would like to see some more of this game, let me know! I’ll definitely do more episodes if you all enjoy it!

So anyways it’s really hard to describe what this let’s play last rose series is all about. The idea seems to be that you angered the forest god and he/she/it bound you and a demon girl who wants your soul together. Last rose is a very weird RPG but I’m not going to sh*t on the creator for that, I enjoy the weirdness. I think Last Rose is pretty funny and I’ll be doing more for sure… hopefully youtube pushes my videos out so you all can see it!

Hey! It’s me Directionally Challenged the one and only #DirectionallyChallenged master of the #LetsPlay and #Gaming sections! This is Last Rose a very odd little RPG the creator send me so I decided hey, Let’s Play Last Rose and show everyone the RPG aka comedy rpg video game, Last Rose ! So come on and join me in this lets play of an RPG video game enjoy the interesting game play of the last rose rpg ! Ever see a last rose let’s play no? That’s because most other youtubers wont do weird rpg but im here for a Last Rose Let’s Play and you’re here so hey… Lets Play Last Rose !

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