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This is a compilation of all the funny moments of one of my livestreams when I played the new Doktors Curse event on Rainbow Six Siege. I played with some new faces and had a good time so if you guys are watching this, it was fun to play with you and I hope we can play again sometime! I would like to thank everyone that was here when I was livestreaming, you are madlads! 🙂 Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did then like the video already, also Subscribe if you like my stupid videos 🙂

Friends in the video ▼
Wxldo (Bright Red): http://bit.ly/2XQt9jA
yourmine13 (Blue): http://bit.ly/2WVyEOE
RedCrustSoap (Dark Red)
ColeIsTheBMFIC (Orange)

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