I’m An Idiot – Golden Sun Let’s Play Part 13

Directionally Challenged here! It’s been gone a long time but welcome back the classic golden sun playthrough ! You remember Golden Sun right? No! Well I used to play it on my channel and it’s one of my favorite games for the gameboy advance ! #DirectionallyChallenged is bringing it back baby! Golden sun ! I haven’t played it in too long! If you don’t know much about it then get ready for a lesson in old school #LetsPlay with one of the most fun RPGs in #Gaming gaming history golden sun ! So the golden sun (video game) is an old school role-playing video game (media genre) for the game boy advance if you never had a gba and you missed out on golden sun i’m sorry. Because the gba had some awesome rpg and jrpg on it. So this is sort of a golden sun walkthrough for those who never played the game I guess! Anyways the golden sun playthrough begins with you going to a secret mountain, causing problems and having to save the world! It’s split into two gba games which is cool because not many did that on the game boy advance games ! Anyways enjoy this Golden Sun Let’s Play join me in this Let’s Play Golden Sun and if you all like it i’ll do a lets play golden sun the lost age (the second game in the series!)

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