The Savior of Skyrim

What is going on everybody?! It’s Manarkey here, and welcome to a short and extremely strange video I made about the Savior of Skyrim, also known as the Legendary Manarkey. This video shows off my super weird side and features some Elder scrolls funny fails, depicting some gameplay of mine as an Elder Scrolls expert.

Skyrim was the only game I felt like playing on Sunday with the news of one of my close friends at school passing away. He and I loved talking about Skyrim as he was quite the expert at it and loved fantasy games, and from now on when I play Skyrim, I know I’ll think of nothing but him. So I apologize for all of the Skyrim videos in a row, but I really felt like playing it and only it the other day. I hope you understand.

If you guys can’t understand what the narrator is saying, here is a translation 🙂

➤ Okay, so we are currently following the legendary Manarkey. Last night, she was sleeping in a cave bed roll, and one of the producers
attached a camera to her forehead without her knowing. It seems that as of now, Manarkey is located in this Dark Brotherhood sanctuary that one of our producers luckily renewed their membership to. She appears to be freezing the torture victims in hopes of mastering her destruction magic while also using healing hands to work on her restoration. What epic battle could she possibly be preparing for?
➤ The legendary Manarkey is quite diverse, as expected! A few days ago, we watched the Manarkey as she was pickpocketing people, forging business ledgers, and stealing potions from the Winking Skeever in Solitude, but NOW she appears to be helping out at a local mill! Oh, wait, never mind, I believe the Manarkey just stole that potion of vigorous healing…
➤ No, it seems that the Manarkey does have a large heart for the citizens of Skyrim! A woman at the Heartwood Mill seems to be on the lookout for her unfaithful husband, but Manarkey went on a
dangerous quest in hopes of finding this husband, whose location was most definitely NOT given to her by some magical being, and when Manarkey found the husband dead, she informed the mill
owner right away! A lovely tale to warm the hearts of many for years to come.
➤ It’s not quite clear what the Manarkey has been doing for the past couple of days. She and her companion appear to be traveling from giant camp to giant camp to duel the giants, only to block
the giants’ hits with her shield! Perhaps she is working on her blocking skill by battling the fearsome creatures. How noble and courageous she is.
➤ Update on the last story: it seems that the Manarkey attempted to battle two mammoths and a giant at the same time with only light armor and almost died. She is now fleeing for her life. I
suppose we cannot win them all.
➤ What do you know?! As expected of our heroic legend, the Manarkey is now embarking on a quest that requires the defeat of several Draugr Deathlords! This journey will not be simple, and it will most definitely require much time. We will save the footage and inform you of any major updates.
➤ It appears that the Manarkey was not able to conquer the dungeon, as we can see her now ragequitting and going back to a previous save. A tragic moment in Skyrim history, this is.

Rest in peace, Brandon. May your soul forever rest in Sovngarde, or some other heaven for heroes. You were such a good friend to me, and I only wish I could have thanked you personally. As long as I’m alive, the memory of your kindness and humor will live on. I’ll never forget you, Brandon.

『Music Used』
➤Background Music: “Final Battle of the Dark Wizards” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
➤”Hidden Agenda” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
➤ Spongebob Time Cards taken from this video (original credit goes to Spongebob, of course):

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