Topical Cruise: Ranking Final Fantasy Characters By Hair

Topical Cruise: Ranking Final Fantasy Characters By Hair! Hey there! I’m directionally challenged and welcome to… Topical Cruise. The Idea I had to just start making fun little videos on the weekend until I run out of dumb ideas. So in this episode we’ll be judging video game characters, because that sounds like fun! But we wont just be judging any video game character, no the ones I will be judging are in fact, the Main Characters of Final Fantasy games! So basically, we’re ranking final fantasy characters by hair. To see which final fantasy lead has the best hair!

So if you like the idea of judging video game characters for arbitrary reasons like their hair… then you have come to the right video my friends! So let’s take a look at some of the characters we’ll be judging! Cecil Harvey,Firion,Luneth,Bartz Klauser,Terra Branford,Cloud Strife,Squall Leonhart,Zidane Tribal,Tidus,Vaan,Lightning,Noctis Lucis Caelum and finally yuna! that’s a lot of characters I tell you but all of them are indeed leads of final fantasy (video game series). So Join me in judging video game characters by their hair!

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