Replay Of OC5 Live Stream: Playing The First 20 Minutes Of Stormland

So while attending OC5 last week I got an opportunity to stream a bit of Stormland gameplay from a really cool glass booth high above the show floor. Unfortunately I could only stream it to my personal Facebook page at the time so I have decided to re-post it here on my channel as well. I want to sincerely thank Oculus and Facebook Gaming for bringing me out to the event and for getting this all set up for us to use…. it was great!

So for my time in the booth I chose to stream a bit of Stormland, the upcoming game from Insomniac Studios. I was really impressed with Insomniacs previous title, The Unspoken, so needless to say I was a bit excited to get to try Stormland.

Overall the short bit I got to play was amazing! The atmosphere and gameplay were very well put together and polished. My only complaint as you will see in the video was that there wasn’t any sort of room scale…. Basically if I moved too far off center in most scenes the camera would lock and then lurch to a new position keeping me from moving more than a step away in any direction. I don’t know if this will be fixed prior to release but I really hope it is… This game needs to give me the ability to move around freely within my play space! Even with that in mind the controls handled really smoothly and if I had to play it standing locked into one spot I would still do so happily.

All I can say is that I was thoroughly impressed with the 20 minutes of Stormland I got to play and I can’t wait to see the full release!

PC #1 Specs:
I7 7700K
GTX 1070
16GB 3200mhz Ripjaws
MSI Z270 Gaming M7

PC#2 Specs:
GTX 980ti
16gb Ripjaws X
MSI Z87 G45 Mobo


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