Batman: Arkham City | Campaigns as Batman, part 3 – Final

Some of these predator maps can be so annoying… OK the only ones that bother me are when gargoyles are booby-trapped, or when I have to do something to 3 enemies at once because getting them in position can be tricky or time consuming.

You may notice that my interface changes a lot throughout this video…. there was a very big gap in the making of this video – almost 4 months.

Double Jeopardy
Lost City (Extreme): 0:12
Rooftop Rumble (Extreme): 2:25
End of the Line (Extreme): 8:30

Ruthless Vengeance
Survival of the Fittest (Extreme): 11:54
Top of the World (Extreme): 16:57
Blind Justice (Extreme): 21:47

Predator Master
Police Brutality (Extreme): 24:55
Natural Selection (Extreme): 29:00
End of the Line (Extreme): 37:23

Black Mask Campaign
Black Mask: 44:48
Freight Train: 48:09

Way Manor Campaign
Wayne Manor Armory: 52:21
Wayne Manor Main Hall: 58:43

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