Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – “Tomb of Sinichi Chiqa” Part 16 – Gameplay

Hello everybody and welcome back to a brand new video of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Tomb of Sinichi Chiqa Part 16 Gameplay.

Last Emperor – Explore the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa
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Explore the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa
defeat the cultist warriors

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===PC Specifications===

CPU: Intel Core i7 4820K 3.9 Ghz
GPU: GTX 770 Palit Jetstream 4GB (60FPS on 1920x1080p)
Ram: Crosair 4×4 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3
MB: Asus Sybertooth x79
HDD: 2x Samsung SSD 840 Evo 120GB (Raid-0)
Gaming HDD: 2x Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 64 MB (Raid-0)

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