Giant Robot Turtle Firing Missles – Pizza Titan Ultra Lets Play

Giant Robot Turtle Firing Missles – Pizza Titan Ultra Lets Play! If you’ve got a craving for pizza, you know who to call! Delivered right to your living room by a robot ten stories tall! So I have to apologize ahead of time, my mic sensitivity was up way to high and I didn’t even notice and now I can’t fix it so anyways here it is and here we go! Today we meet an inspector gadget parody, well he’s also a Sherlock Holmes parody… He’s a combination of Inspector Gadget and Sherlock Holmes. They even made his own theme in the game… and it’s pretty darn good. It’s like, if you took the pizza titan ultra theme and combined it with the inspector gadget theme and I want nothing more than for this to be the theme song to my life. So in this lets play pizza titan ultra ep I fuuudge up and now I have to deal with cruddy audio and so do you!

I hope you guys like giant robots delivering pizza though, #PizzaTitanUltra is an amazing video game and imma bring you more Pizza Titan Ultra Lets Plays… at least like 2 more! CAUSE WE’RE NEARING THE END GAME! WE’RE SO CLOSE TO IT! I CAN TASTE IT! This makes me really sad actually because I love pizza titan ultra and honestly the pizza titan ultra game is definitely my favorite game right now. So come enjoy some video games, a giant robot turtle firing missles, some pizza titan ultra lets play AND Inspector Gadget meets Sherlock Holmes!

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