Metro Redux Last Light Spider Lair ► Gameplay Walkthrough ► Full Playthrough No Commentary

Metro Redux Last Light Spider Lair ► Gameplay Walkthrough ► Full Playthrough No Commentary – Hey there buddy my name is 20BitWill and welcome to the full playthrough of the single level Spider Lair from Metro Last Light also known as Metro Redux which is the HD version of Metro 2033 & Metro Last Light
Throughout this video, I’ll be talking about things like…
► The Full plathrough of Metro Redux Last Light Spider Lair
► The Ending for the Spider Lair from Metro Last Light
►How to defeat the spiders when you have only your melee item

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The Spider Lair is a single player level in Metro: Last Light’s DLC, the Developer Pack, where you, as an unnamed Stalker, are forced to navigate through an old missile silo full of Spiderbugs, armed with little else but a Flamethrower, an Ashot and a flashlight along with your lighter while you search for filters and escape.

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Metro Last Light Redux is the updated version of Metro Last Light for next generation consoles, featuring improved graphics and lighting.

Metro: Last Light takes place one year after the events of Metro 2033, proceeding from the ending where Artyom chose to call down the missile strike on the Dark Ones. The Rangers have since occupied the D6 military facility, with Artyom having become an official member of the group. Khan, the nomad mystic, arrives at D6 to inform Artyom and the Rangers that a single Dark One survived the missile strike. Khan believes the Dark One is the key to humanity’s future, and wants to make peace with it, while Ranger leader Colonel Miller wants to eliminate the creature due to its potential threat. Miller sends Artyom to the surface with a mission to eliminate the Dark One; he is accompanied by Anna, Miller’s sarcastic daughter and the Rangers’ best

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