Mechs V Kaijus- Testing the new towers!

Mechs V Kaijus- Testing the new towers! I got lucky enough for Double Punch Games to send me a beta code to try out the new Mechs V Kaijus Tower Update before it goes live! I was able to see all the cool new towers and new levels! It was pretty awesome! There was so much done in this Mechs V Kaijus update that I don’t even know where to begin describing it to you! So first off they added a bunch of new towers, anti-air got a second tower which was sorely needed if you ask me. Secondly they tossed in a tank creation factory, which is just perfect! If you’ve seen my video on the Mechs V Kaijus game before you’ll know I wanted more Tanks and this gives me that option!

Next we need to talk about the amazing flamethrower tower! They added it in! It does a lot of damage and it makes me feel like a Man and that’s all I want from my flamethrowers, to feel AWESOME. They also updated it to add in your tower’s attack radius so now you know exactly where they’ll hit when you place them and omg thank you for that! They really went all in with update the mechs v kaijus gameplay and making this tower defense game a LOT better. This mechs V Kaijus update, is amazing everyone. I think I praised it a lot in the video and I have to keep praising it. I’m really impressed by the effort that double punch games put into it, there’s a lot of love put into mechs v kaijus and you can feel it.

So if you enjoy mech tower defense games or wanted to see a pacific rim parody game dive into this video and check out more of my vidoes on mechs v kaijus. If you’re into giant robot tower defense games, mech tower defense, tower defense games in general or if you just like giant robots… this is really one of the best games you can choose.

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