The Elder Scrolls Online: Delves of Tamriel – Nikolvara’s Kennel (Wrothgar)

Right before I decided to record the gameplay of this delve, I decided to start a playlist on my channel called The Delves of Tamriel”. I’m mostly a single player in ESO. Yes, I belong to a couple guilds but I’m pretty shy and an introvert so I stay quiet when I’m playing. I think it’s why I like the delves…something I can do and complete successfully (most of the time) as a solo player. I just wish the devs would make them a bit more difficult (like the first several stages in Maelstrom Arena) or give us level options (i.e. easy, normal, hard, veteran) before going into one so we’re inclined to do them more than once. Anyway, I digress. In these delve videos, I’ll be using all my different warriors since they are different levels so new players can see they can be done in the early stages of the game. So here’s my first delve video with more to follow.

Delve: Nikolvara’s Kennel
Location: Wrothgar
Warrior Used: Level 50 / Redguard / Dragon Knight
Quest: The Durzog Whistle **picked up inside delve**

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***This is a no commentary playthrough of all the quests with some cutscenes.***

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