DEFEND THE BRIDGE! Lets Play Mechs V Kaijus

DEFEND THE BRIDGE! Lets Play Mechs V Kaijus! So this was a horrifying ordeal to go through! The bridge is considered one of the toughest maps and I can see why! As you fight on the bridge you lose ground, the bridge is slowly destroyed. So you’re stuck trying to fight while losing places you can put towers. It’s really fun and REALLY Difficult but in only TWO TRIES! I made it! I’m freaking awesome as this game!

Now for those of you who are wonder wtf is mechs v kaijus? Well its a giant monster tower defense game… or a mech tower defense game if you prefer. Kind of a pacific rim parody game. You are a dude in a giant mech and you fight wave after wave of Kaijus with your partner Mercs at your side. #MechsvKaijus is seriously a fun game, because of the difficulty it presents. The game has an easy mode, but the easy mode is just normal mode… and normal is hard and hard is impossible. It’s set up to be a challenge no matter what you play it on and I really like that.

So if you’re into Giant robot Vs Giant Monster games, this is the game for you! Or if you just like tower defense games.

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