THE SCOOTER!! || Just Cause 3 F-CUBED (Funny Fails Friday)

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What is going on everybody?! It’s Manarkey here, and welcome to the fourth episode of my F-CUBED series (A.K.A. Funny Fails Friday)! In this episode, I show you guys some of my Just Cause 3 awesome fails! I haven’t played Just Cause 3 in a while, so it results in some Just Cause 3 epic fails and a Just Cause 3 compilation. In the video I also talk a little about my school and YouTube recently, but the most important part was entertaining you guys with some Just Cause 3 best moments and Just Cause 3 hilarious fails!

What exactly is F-CUBED (Funny Fails Friday)? Well, it’s my weekly series, uploaded on Fridays, where I show you guys some funny video game fails and just how terrible I am at most games. I play a whole bunch of diverse games for this series, and I hope you guys enjoy laughing your butts off at how bad I am! It’s similar to my funny moments videos, but it’s WEEKLY and only has EPIC FAILS! Tell me how you guys like it! 😀

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