Street Fighter V Twitch Stream – Ryu goes bananas in a Ranked Match

I talk about why I upload gameplay videos and why YouTube is important to me. Ranked Match The Dictator vs Ryu at Laura’s Stage in Brazil.

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I competed in competitive martial arts in the past and now I’m taking my competitive edge to online ranked matches in Street Fighter V. Join me on my journey in e-sports. Every week I will upload videos documenting my quest. Playing Street Fighter with Players from around the world. USA, Japan, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, UK and more. Fighting in Ranked Matches to hopefully make it far enough to face pro level gamers…you know the people you see on ELEAGUE on TBS and EVO(Evolution)
and tournaments etc. In addition to e-sports, I will also upload martial arts videos. eSports meets Sports.

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PS4 Network: I_am_SAINTO7
Capcom Fighter ID: SAINTO7

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