Everything Wrong With Quake Champions

Everything Wrong With Quake Champions! Welcome to Directionally Challenged Reviews a game he hates… kind of. I don’t REALLY hate it but I hate what it represents in gaming. It’s the same stuff, just trying to farm money from people for the smallest freaking things and it’s honestly ridiculous at this point. So here is my Quake Champions Review (This is the Quake Champions pc review, because… I think it’s only on pc.) I wasn’t quite sure how to do this review, but I know people said they wanted to see some gameplay in my last video game review, so… Here is the Quake Champions Gameplay!

If you are fine with everything you see, then there you go, get #quakechampions if you don’t like It, don’t get it.. I’m not sure what else to say there. Game Reviews 2018 baby! Not sure what I’m doing but doing it anyways!

for those who don’t know, Quake Champions is developed by ID software and published by Bethesda.

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