Wtf is Psychiatrist Simulator?

Wtf is Psychiatrist Simulator? #PsychiatristSimulator. No Seriously… Wtf is Psychiatrist Simulator? that’s a very good question. I know it’s a game about mental health… but I’m not exactly sure what it wants to be here. I can’t tell if it’s serious or if it’s joking. I know I myself have mental health issues and it’s nice to see a mental health video game… but I mean I want the game to be straight forward. If it’s funny, it should be funny, if it’s serious, it should be serious and I feel like this game just… is weird? I can’t tell if it’s funny, If it’s serious… is this a commentary or just a goofy thing to play?

Like mental health is important and I know, a game about mental health can be great. There’s games that use mental health as the main theme but it’s hidden with a nice subtlety like The Binding of Isaac. There are allegories and nuance and i’m just unsure of what this game is aiming for… so I know it’s a Psychiatrist game… I know it’s a video game about mental illness… I know it’s also a video game about depression and dealing with mental illness and mental health…

but wtf is psychiatrist simulator? Is it serious? Is it jokey? I really can’t freaking tell.

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